SHIPPING IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR PLANT ORDERS. PICKUP ONLY. ------PREORDER WINDOW CLOSES ON 12-31-2023------- *This form is required for pre-ordering a total quantity 50 or more plants. **Quantities less than 50 do not require pre-order. They can be purchased at the farm in May. We are offering five varieties of lavender plants for first weekend of May pickup at our Maple City, MI Location. All plants are from certified cuttings and are planted in a 3" container. All orders must be picked up by May 15th, 2024 (a 10% service charge will be added each week after May 15th for maintaining your plants). French lavender plants: Phenomenal and Grosso English (culinary) lavender plants: Munstead, Hidcote, Jean Davis (white). Each plant is priced at $3.00. A quantity discount will be deducted from your final cost at time of pickup. See chart below for discount. We require a 20% down payment (based on the $3.00 price) at the time of pre-order, with the balance due at time of pickup. Your online transaction today is for the down payment only. Quanity Discount Schedule: 0 to 250 plants = $3.00 per plant 251 to 500 plants = $2.75 per plant 501 to 1,000 plants = $2.50 per plant 1.001 to 1,500 plants = $2.25 per plant More than 1,500 plants = $2.00 per plant $.60 per plant downpayment, balance due at pickup.


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